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Resource Description
WY-ALT FAQ /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/WY-ALT-FAQs.pdf
This FAQ covers general and training information specific to the WY-ALT.
WY-ALT Participation Guidelines /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/WY-ALT-Participation-Guidelines-103014.pdf
This document outlines criteria for student participation in the WY-ALT. Decisions regarding participation should be made with the student's IEP team.
Spring 2017 WY-ALT Family Reports Interpretive Guide /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/WY-ALT_Interpretive-Guide.pdf
This guide helps parents and educators to better understand and use their child's Spring 2018 WY-ALT score reports.
WY-ALT Fact Sheet /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/WY-ALT-Fact-Sheet.pdf
Fact sheet on the Wyoming Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (WY-ALT).
WY-ALT Family FAQ /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/WY-ALT-Family-FAQ-2017-2018.pdf
Information regarding details of WY-ALT administration and student participation guidelines, directed toward typical family questions.
Sample WY-ALT tasks to practice test administration.
WY-ALT IFT FAQs /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/WY-ALT-IFT-FAQ.pdf
This document answers frequently asked questions regarding the Independent Field Test (IFT).