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Resource Description
This recorded webinar provides teachers and students a guide to using the DESMOS calculator which is provided for specific items on the WY-TOPP assessments.
This recorded webinar provides an overview of the testing systems for the 2017-18 school year. This training provides information about the portal, Test Delivery System, Test Information Distribution System, AIR Ways, and Online Reporting System.
These previously recorded webinars provide guidance on how to read the WY-TOPP summative blueprints for each content area.
ORS Training - Administrators /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/ORS-Webinar-Admin.pdf
ORS Training - Teachers /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/ORS-Webinar-Teachers.pdf
This previously recorded webinar provides an overview of the Online Reporing System to view Summative results from the 2017-18 school year. This training provides information and support for users navigating the system to review various reports.
This recorded webinar provides information regarding the AI scoring process and the difference between scoring writing on the Interim and Summative assessments.