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Resource Description
This recorded webinar provides teachers and students a guide to using the DESMOS calculator which is provided for specific items on the WY-TOPP assessments.
These previously recorded webinars provide guidance on how to read the WY-TOPP summative blueprints for each content area.
ORS Training - Administrators /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/ORS-Webinar-Admin.pdf
ORS Training - Teachers /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/ORS-Webinar-Teachers.pdf
This previously recorded webinar provides an overview of the Online Reporing System to view Summative results from the 2017-18 school year. This training provides information and support for users navigating the system to review various reports.
WY-TOPP A.I.Writing Scoring Webinar /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/WY-Writing-Prompt-Scoring-Module-Rebranded.pdf
Updated June 15, 2020
This training module provides information regarding the AI scoring process and the difference between scoring writing on the Interim and Summative assessments.