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Resource Description
WY-ALT Training PowerPoint /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/2018-WY-ALT-Training-PPT.pdf
This training PowerPoint contains guidance for test administration, accessibility and accommodations, managing test materials, determining the starting and concluding tasks, entering student scores into the DEI, and more.
WY-ALT IFT Webinar /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/2018-WY-ALT-IFT-Webinar.pdf

A webinar was held on April 11 to provide an overview of the WY-ALT Independent Field Test (IFT) and online test delivery system. This is the PowerPoint for the webinar. 

A recording of the webinar can be found here

WY-ALT IFT Webinar Q&A /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/IFT-Webinar-Q-A.pdf
This document has all the questions and answers from the WY-ALT IFT webinar.
WY-ALT Introduction to the IFT /core/fileparse.php/2417/urlt/2018-WY-ALT-IFT-Introduction.pdf
This PowerPoint will provide on overview of the Independent Field Test (IFT) and the administration of online assessments.