Update Student Devices to iPadOS 17.1
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Update Student Devices to iPadOS 17.1

Dec 7, 2023

Cambium Assessment Inc. (CAI) discovered a critical issue in iPadOS 17.0 that impacts use with Secure Browser version 9.0. When guided access is enabled, the Secure Browser app crashes if a student interacts with a text field within the test. Apple addressed this problem in iPadOS 17.1. As a result, CAI will be blocking access to Secure Browser version 9.0 when used with iPadOS 17.0. Any devices on iPadOS 17.0 that are currently being used for testing will need to be updated to iPadOS 17.1 before testing can resume.

Additional information can be found in the online Technology Guide for supported operating systems and devices for current version supports for iPadOS. If you have questions regarding iPadOS 17.1 or other supported operating systems, contact the Wyoming Help Desk at wyohelpdesk@cambiumassessment.com or 888-897-8024.

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