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General Information

  • What is the WY-TOPP assessment?

    WY-TOPP stands for Wyoming’s Test of Proficiency and Progress. WY-TOPP, like PAWS, will continue to assess students on Wyoming Content and Performance Standards. However, WYTOPP will be administered online with a computer adaptive assessment, will be administered later in the school year, and will include more than just the end-of-year summative assessment. Teachers will be able to give interim assessments and modular assessments (end-of-unit) to their students.

  • What is the WY-ALT?

    Wyoming’s new Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (Wy-ALT) was administered for the first time in spring 2015. The Wy-ALT is aligned to the Wyoming Content and Performance Standards (WyCPS) and designed to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in an appropriately rigorous assessment.


  • How do I change someone’s user role?

    If you need to change a user’s role, you must delete and then re-add that user with the new role. Use the View/Edit Users page to search for and delete the user. Next, use the Add User or Upload Users page to re-add the user with the new role. For additional information, refer to the TIDE User Guide.

  • Can I add multiple users at one time?

    Yes. You can compose a list of users in an Excel file, and then upload that file to TIDE. You can add users only to those districts or schools with which you are associated. (For example, if you are associated with School A, then you can add users only to School A, not to School B.) The TIDE User Guide contains instructions for composing the upload file.

  • Can I export a list of students?

    You can use the View/Edit Students task to search for student records and export the list of results. The TIDE User Guide contains instructions for exporting student records.

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